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Ann Beers Elementary School 3600: Development Plan Lesson


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Ann Beers Elementary School 3600: Development Plan Lesson

Ann Beers Elementary School 3600: Development Plan Lesson


double space. use 12 folic type. child is 5 year old at Ann Beers Elementary School 3600 Alabama Ave S.E. Washington D.C. Brain Smith in first grade. birth date 7/6/01.


Individual Lesson Planning Form Name of child: Brain Smith Birth date: 7/6/01 Age of child: 5 years Today`s date 12/2/2016 What area of development/Domain will you support this week for this child? (Make anext to the ones you will use).Identify the goal(s) for each of the areas of development/domain that you will focus on in this plan. DC Early Learning Standards Standard(s) – indicate by number and name Approaches to Learning/Logic and Reasoning Uses symbols and takes on pretend roles- 4 Communication and Language Demonstrates understanding of spoken language- 5 Literacy Hears and discriminates the sounds of language-11 Mathematics Matches, groups, and classifies objects-14 Scientific Inquiry Social Studies Demonstrates understanding of people and how they live-23 The Arts Social–Emotional Development Engages and plays with peers-30 Physical Development/Health and Safety Demonstrates strength and coordination of large muscles-32 What will you do this week to support this child to achieve the DC Early Learning Standards? What materials will you a


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