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Analysis of Advise Given and Received in Hamlet Acts (I and II)


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Analysis of Advise Given and Received in Hamlet Acts (I and II)

Analysis of Advise Given and Received in Hamlet Acts (I and II)


This activity assesses your ability to analyze a passage in Shakespeare and translate the language into modern English. Your ability to translate Shakespeare’s English, and work to understanding it on it’s own merits, is instrumental to analyzing and enjoying Hamlet.
Again, this activity depends on your reading Acts I and II with great care. In particular, you should pay attention to where advice is given. Most notably, advice is given in the following passages:
•King Claudius to his step-son, Hamlet: Act I, Scene ii, lines 87 - 117
•Laertes to his sister, Ophelia: Act I, Scene iii, lines 1 – 51
•Polonius to his son, Laetres: Act I, Scene iii, lines 55 – 81
•Polonius to his daughter, Ophelia: Act I, Scene iii, lines 115 - 135
Selecting ONE of these passages, summarize the advice given using modern English.
After selecting and summarizing the text, reflect on the nature of the advice. If the speaker in your selected passage was speaking to you, how would you respond? Would you be offended? Would you take this advice – why or why not?


ANALYSIS OF ADVICE GIVEN AND RECEIVED IN HAMLET ACT I AND II Student’s Name: Institution: Submission Date: Laertes to his sister, Ophelia: Hamlet Act I, Scene III, lines 1 – 51 In lines 1 – 51 of Hamlet Act 1 and Scene III, Laertes gives brotherly advice to his dear sister, Ophelia. The advice to Ophelia is on maintaining caution in expressing and ultimately believing Hamle


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