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Analysing the Quality Culture: Emirates Airlines


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Analysing the Quality Culture: Emirates Airlines

Analysing the Quality Culture: Emirates Airlines

Dear Writer, This paper is under Quality Planning course. Find info in the attachment. Regards, mohammad
Analyzing the Quality Culture: Emirates Airlines Name: Institution: Analyzing the Quality Culture: Emirates Airlines Introduction Corporate culture is the behavior of people who work together in an organization with a common goal for the organization. This cultural behavior includes values of the organization, visions, customs, norms, beliefs and systems of work that help bring together people with different backgrounds into working towards a common goal. In many organizations, organizational culture defines how people interact internally and externally. Internal interaction refers to relationship with each other at the work place while external interaction is the interaction between the organization and its clients, suppliers and all other stakeholders who contribute to the organization`s success. Different organizations have different corporate cultures that make them unique and which defines their level of performance. In order to understand the importance of corporate culture and its effect on the performance of the organization, this paper will investigate the corporate culture of Emirates Airlines, one of the best performing airlines in the world. The study will not only help define corporate culture, but will also help to understand quality culture for an organization. By using Emirates Airlines as case study, this paper will detail the requirements of a corporate culture and how organizations manage their workforce through incorporation of quality culture. The paper will give clear understanding of the challenges faced by corporations in maintaining effective corporate culture and how this helps in achieving quality culture (Lawrence & Robbins, 2006). There are advantages and disadvantages in adopting certain corporate cultures. This paper will in particular investigate the pros and cons of the corporate culture at Emirates Airlines and how they have affected the organization`s general performance. Finally, this paper will offer reco...

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