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An observational study of Starbucks


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An observational study of Starbucks

An observational study of Starbucks

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NameInstructorCourseDate DueAn observational study of StarbucksDescription of Starbucks setting Starbucks is undoubtedly the most popular and attractive retail coffee shop in US. This motivated me to conduct my observational study about how people interacted in Starbucks. My observations took three hours and during that period I observed that merchandise was displayed around the outlet including coffer makers, cups, mugs, and t-shirts. There was also a short line where customers had queued to place their order. I observed that majority of customers had to stare at the menu prior to placing their orders, whereas some knew what they wanted and placed their orders right away. Some of the customers enquired about the new drinks mostly displayed adjacent to the cash register. A considerable percentage of the customers , an estimate of 90% paid for their coffee by cash, but the remaining 10% paid for their coffee by use of either credit or debit card. I also observed that very few customers left tips to the staff. During my observation I also noticed that majority of the placed orders were taken out, while a small percentage approximately 15% preferred to sit down and have their coffee. From my observations I also noticed that most of the customers who preferred to sit down were college students mostly working on the laptops in addition to a few elderly customers who were either reading newspapers or chatting with their friends or partners. Most of the observed customers were females ranging from 18 to 70 years of age. I observed few male customers and many of them older ranging from 30 to 65 years. All the customers who were accompanied by their kids preferred to take out their order, while only the ones who preferred to sit down were either in groups talking to their friends or were working on their laptops or readin...

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