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An Annotated Bibliography


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An Annotated Bibliography

An Annotated Bibliography

Once you have found 5 sources that are helpful and trustworthy, use the guidelines in your textbook and the sample in the course notes to prepare your Annotated Bibliography in correct MLA format.
NameProfessorSubjectDateAn Annotated BibliographyCelia, Iriart, Handal Alexis, Boursaw Blake, and Rodrigues Gabriela. "Chronic Malnutrition Among Overweight Hispanic children: Understanding Health Disparities." Immigrant & Minority Health Vol. 13. Issue 6 (2011): p1069-1075, 7p. Obesity may be masking other health problems such as deficit or stunting at 3.1% overall prevalence which reflects the cumulative effect of chronic malnutrition especially in understanding immigrant communities varied significantly across race/ethnicity, buy socio-economic characteristics with 6.6% among Hispanic population. Analysis of 2-19 years old of MHANES children highlighted 1:3 ratios that overweight/obese Hispanic have high risk compared with non-Hispanic.Lauren, Shomaker, Tanofsky-Kraff Marian, Stern Elizabeth A., Miller Rachel, Zocca Jaclyn M., Field Sara E., Yanovski Susan Z, Hubbard Van S. and Yanovski Jack A. [email protected] "Longitudinal Study of Depressive Symptoms and Progression of Insulin Resistance in Youth at Risk for Adult Obesity." Diabetes Care Vol. 34. Issue 11 (2011): p2458-2463, 6p charts, 1 Graph. The purpose of the study was to determine whether having childhood depressive s...

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