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An Analysis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as it Pertains to the treatment of Anxiety Disorder


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An Analysis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as it Pertains to the treatment of Anxiety Disorder

An Analysis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as it Pertains to the treatment of Anxiety Disorder

An Analysis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as it Pertains to the treatment of Anxiety Disorder. Paper on a Psychological Disorder (Research Paper: Analyzing 2 Websites and 2 Research Articles) Paper on a Psychological Disorder The paper should be a focused effort to analyze two research-based journal articles and two websites pertaining to your topic. We are looking for an analysis of the two articles that are experiments and an analysis of two credible websites. As you will see from the start, psychology is more than just the study of psychological disorders. However, many students find the study of psychological disorders fascinating so here is your opportunity to explore this area of psychology. Your paper should be from 1,000 - 1,200 words (or about 2 to 2 1/2 single-spaced typed pages, and you should follow APA style. Choose at least two Web sites that contain information about the topic. Both sites need to be credible and one site should represent a national organization that has formed because of the topic. For example, if you choose depression as a topic, then you should use as one of your sites, any national organization devoted to researching and/or providing information about depression. You are to analyze this website. What does it tell you about your topic? Does it have all the information you would need? What do you find useful? Who would use this website? Is the website credible? etc. Next, choose at least two journal articles from credible sources, using one of the Psychological databases to find more in-depth information than what is listed in your textbook. Note that Psychology Today, Wikipedia, or the Bible cannot be counted as one of your articles from a credible journal. However, as long as you have 2 credible journal articles, you may also use other sources of your choosing, if you wish. You are to analyze and critique each of the journal articles that you find. Make sure the articles are research-based, i.e., that they are experiments. An experimental study will have participants, methods, results and a discussion section. Tell us 1) the purpose of the research, 2) the hypothesis, 3) the number of participants, their characteristics and how they were selected, 4) the procedures or methods, i.e., did they give the participants questionnaires, interview them, etc.? 5) What were the results? 6) Now, critique the study. How could it have been improved? For instance, was the sample too small? Can we generalize the findings to other populations? Could they have used a different procedure? etc. 7) And finally, what are the implications of the study? How will it advance science or the field? How will it help? etc. Begin your paper with an overall introduction telling the reader the purpose of the paper and what you will review. Next, you may wish to start with how the topic is presented in the textbook or module and why you chose it as your topic of interest (keep in mind that you should avoid being too personally revealing in discussing your topic). Then spend most of your paper writing about the information you discovered in your research. Next, summarize your findings and any limitations of the research that you may have noted. End your paper with a concluding paragraph that tells the reader what they should know from reading your paper and the importance of this information. Make sure your paper flows logically and is not a patchwork of bits and pieces of information.
COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPYIN THE TREATMENT OF ANXIETY DISORDERName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(23, November, 2010) An Analysis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as it Pertains to the treatment of Anxiety DisorderThis paper will briefly looks at a popular form of treatment for Anxiety Disorder. The form of treatment used is referred to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Wright, (2006) discussed the general background information about Social Anxiety disorder and its treatment by use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Then, CBT will be investigated from two specific perspectives. Guardino, (2001) work concerning cognitive behavioral group therapy for patients with coexisting social anxiety and disorder and substance use will be reviewed. Then Shaw, (1979) assessment on diagnosis and treatment of individuals with social disorder will be discussed. American Psychological Association established a task force vested with the responsibility of reviewing experimental literature and demonstrate the effectiveness of CBT for adults and children. The task force was to establish the efficiency of CBT in treatment of depression, anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has been identified as one of the respected models of psychotherapy (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).Various cognitive methods can be used to administer CBT. The most important and often preferred cognitive technique is the use of questions that are used to encourage the patient to overcome rigid dysfunctional patterns of thinking and to be able to recognize things in a new perspective (Wright, 2006).It has been proved that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is being experienced in adults is similar to what is experienced by the children`s but with developmental modifications. However those children who are experiencing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tend to make systematic errors which are similar to adults and they experience skills deficits which maintain the problem (Dia, 2001). In their book, Shaw et al described cognitive model to be a model that hypothesize on modifications of personal way of thinking, resulting to changes in his mood and behavior.This paper examines research articles that have been carried out on us...

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