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Americans Case Study


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Americans Case Study

Americans Case Study


Borikica Ivanova was a work and travel student who went to the U.S through the summer program and is now claiming to sue J`s coffee for false imprisionment and constructed/wrongful termination because the employer threatened her to terminate her visa if she stops working for them, fraud; for using a false Tax ID number, IIED for verbally assaulting her at work, negligence for not paying her a months salary. Create an opening statement in defense of J`s coffee. Use the contract attached for additional information and add your own assumptions to why the employee would have acted this way.


Case Study Name: Subject: Date of admission: I believe we are all here because we are men and women of integrity. Gone are the days when we judged people by their skin colors, their origin, or nationality. In fact, America was proud to provide homes for Jews who were persec


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