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American Civil Society and Asian American Religion Journal


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American Civil Society and Asian American Religion Journal

American Civil Society and Asian American Religion Journal


Provide analysis and link/connect to attached resources.

Professor`s instructions for writing assignments

Tip: Be aware of only summarizing: this assignment calls for analysis, which means your ability to: apply things you learn in the class to the real world; your ability to synthesize theoretical concepts (unpacking the theory, testing the theory, questioning the theory); your ability to critique arguments, ideas, theories covered in class materials; your ability to offer your own unique insights into an issue; and your ability to put various voices into a dialogue.

For example:

A says "..." which confirms B`s notion of ..... but differs from C`s conclusion about....; My experience suggest name-a-concept is valid because....; Name-a-concept argues that... which A, B, and Z validated in their research. However, another school of thought contends....

You must engage with assigned readings and other learning materials in the course by using proper citations and quotations using MLA






Civil Religion

America has for the longest time used religion as a basis for most of the decision that involve nationalism. Religion is used as a symbol of Americanism. Most of the places that it is used, it acts as a cover while the decisions that re made after that are rarely a reflection of the same. Ideally the element of civil religion is symbolic in the American culture. This is aspect that speaks to the symbol of religion that are found in most of the nation`


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