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Airport Delays


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Airport Delays

Airport Delays

Homework assigned articles summaries will be graded on the following criteria: (1)Article summary should consist of name and publication the article review is taken from. (2)The articles must come from a related topic that is covered in the readings for the week. (3)The article summary must be at least one full page and provide a breakdown on the key elements being discussed in the document (Who, what, when, and why). (4)The article summary must include whether or not the reader agrees with the ideas being presented. Agreement or disagreement must be based on facts related to procedure or issue being discussed in the article. (No sources required, but please put the bibliography APA of the article itself, thank you) The Article URL: http://www.portfolio.com/views/blogs/business-travel/2011/08/05/newark-tops-list-of-worst-airports-for-delays/
Running head: ARTICLE CRITIQUEAirport Delays[Insert Name:][Institution:]Airport Delays Newark Liberty international has been said to have most delays in flights in the nation. The causes of these have been said to be; weather, congested airspace over Washington, D.C. and scheduling. This might be true. Strategies must be laid down to curb against these. From gathered information the flights that are delayed most are the evening flights. Since the main delays are felt in the evenings, the main cause of the delays then results from the earlier flights (John, 2011). The problem of congestion at the airstrip can be addressed by the company first ensuring that it has enough staff to run the organization especially the pilots and mechanics to ensu...

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