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Airport, Airway Trust Fund Losing $200 Million Per Week


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Airport, Airway Trust Fund Losing $200 Million Per Week

Airport, Airway Trust Fund Losing $200 Million Per Week

(1)Article summary should consist of name and publication the article review is taken from. (2)The articles must come from a related topic that is covered in the readings for the week. (3)The article summary must be at least one FULL page and provide a breakdown on the key elements being discussed in the document (Who, what, when, and why). (4)The article summary must include whether or not the reader agrees with the ideas being presented. Agreement or disagreement must be based on facts related to procedure or issue being discussed in the article. (5)It is recommended that articles come from the Journal of Air Transportation World Wide. http://ntl.bts.gov/lib/000/700/744/jatww.html However, you can use other sources that meet the requirements of academic journals.
Aviation Agencies And Policies: A Critique.Name of studentInstitutionTitle of article: Airport, Airway Trust Fund Losing $200 Million Per WeekThis article was retrieved from ‘Airport Report Today` a publication from the ‘American Association of Airport Executives`. The article talks about the continued partial shutdown of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and how the unavailability of the aviation excise taxes is costing the AATF $200 millions weekly. The writer talks about the democrats proposing a short term solution to the crisis by the congress. The article indicates how the stalemate has attracted attention from senate subcommittee chair Maria Cantwell...

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