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Against Zoos by Jamieson


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Against Zoos by Jamieson

Against Zoos by Jamieson

“Against Zoos” by Jamieson source http://www.animal-rights-library.com/texts-m/jamieson01.htm About the class: This is philosophy paper and the teacher is little bit demanding! Course Objectives The central objective of this course is fivefold: (1) to become acquainted with major problems in environmental philosophy, the response by thinkers to the ecological crisis, and recognizing the ecological issues that we face today and in the future; (2) to critically think, interpret, and analyze philosophical texts; (3) to develop a personal philosophical attitude in order to question, criticize, and respond to these issues; (4) to clarify and articulate your own position and values on these issues; (5) to gain an ethical awareness of the responsibility humanity has to be just stewards of the environment. Generally speaking, I hope that students discover the use and value of philosophy. That they get a sense of the diversity and depth of philosophical thought. I hope that they understand that a belief is only as strong as the justification (evidence) for the belief and that the justification is only as strong as the counterarguments it can respond to.
Article CritiqueNameInstitutionCourseDateAbstractPreservation of the environment has been a darling topic for many people. Many environmentalists have come up with regulations on how to protect the indigenous flora and fauna. The Zoos are one of the methods of preservation. Jameison wrote an article disputing the zoos and below is a critical analysis of the article.Article CritiqueJameison (1985) wrote about the disadvantages of having the zoos. Using well researched and thought processed procedure; he came up with several arguments that show that zoos are insignificant or unnecessary. Jameison (1985) argues that keeping animals in the zoos r...

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