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African Masks


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African Masks

African Masks

* African Masks – forms and functions. Research the regional use of masks, features of masks, purpose of masks.
Student Name:Tutor`s Name:Subject:School Name:Date:African Masks A mask [worn on the face] has been used as an object of entertainment, protection, performance and disguise. Additionally, in the ancient communities, masks were used as important objects of practical and ceremonial purposes. Considerable amount of interest has been directed to the use of African masks. This trend has been noticed all the way from famous painters like Picasso [in his famous painting Les Demoiselles d`Avignon], and Andre Derain who were intrigued by the tribal masks of Africa and consequently included them in their paintings. The influence that arose from their works has made artists throughout the world to take a keen interest on the abstract patterns and also consider the bold designs that have been used in the construction of African masks (Brooklyn Museum, n.d). This paper is therefore to going to look into the African masks in detail. Considerably, it is going to consider the forms and functions of the African masks, additionally, it will look into the regional use of the African masks as well as researching on the features/characteristics of the masks as well as the purpose of the masks. It is anticipated that at the end of this paper, a proper understanding of African masks will be reached. Brief History and description of African Masks African masks have been in existence since the Paleolithic times. They were made from wood, leather, some fabric materials as well as metal. Due to their exquisite nature, African masks have been regarded to be amongst the most sought pieces of art amongst collectors of art. Their cultural significance is considered fundamental and in recent times their aesthetic characteristics and principles coupled with their ceremonial and religious values have helped in exhibiting as well as making the Western world understand the moral values and ideas that have been expressed through art by artists of African descent. Forms and Functions of African Masks To be able to discern the functions of African masks, a person has got to understand the importance attached of the mask in accordance to the structure as well as the social systems in Africa (Lidsalas 7). However, understanding the social systems in Africa is a wide topic that cannot be covered exhaustively in this paper. These notwithstanding, African masks were used in se...

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