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African American HISTORY


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African American HISTORY

African American HISTORY

TOPIC: The challenges, hardships, and education of African American HEALTH PHYSICIANS (doctors or anything dealing with a health profession) in the Americas up until the 1870s. Basically it has to be a research paper on the above topic, specifically dealing with African Americans who were doctors, nurses or anything within the health field in the Americas up until the 1870s. For any questions have the writer message me.
Name:University:Course Title:Student NumberDateThe nineteenth century represents an important century for African Americans as it is the year in the United States when the African Americans began to enjoy their right to education. Prior to the nineteenth century, African American education was not a concern for many of the states across the United States. This was done in order to maintain and safeguard the institution of slavery. Many states across the united states specially the states in the south of the united states had severe laws that restricted and prevented access to any form of education by the African Americans .The only form of education the African Americans received was the one provided by the Christian missionaries In churches since the missionaries believed that the ability to read was a prerequisite to good Christianity. The founding of schools by the missionaries began in1830s teaching general primary education .These schools had inferior facilities than those enjoyed by their white counterparts (Clayton & Bird 268) The education for African Americans flourished in the 1800s. At the beginning of the century there were no schooling to African Americans; by the middle of the century there was amalgamation of public schools into the mainstream American system of education and the founding of the first medical colleges that trained black medics. These medical school enrolled few blacks and the education received was not in any way equal to the type of education that the whites received. Before the civil war there were very few African Americans trained to be medics since medical education was not open to black and colored people in the United States. The few fortunate ones trained to be surgeons received their training in Europe Canada and a few schools in the north of the United States (United States National Library of Medicine). This paper explores the challenges and the hardships that African Americans faced in their quest to obtain educational qualifications in the health related disciplines before the year 1870.Before the nineteenth century, African Americans faced a lot of problems looking for medical education since there were very few medical institutions that could enroll black and colored people regardless of their academic potential. The medical schools that could admit black students were under the control of the white population and were few. The medics who trained under the medical schools were denied chances of specialized studies and privileges in the hospital settings unlike their white counterparts. Hospitals could deny qualified African American physician`s opportunity to serve and treat their patients just out of sheer racism. There were also very few hospitals that could offer specialized training to African American physicians. Black students admitted to medical schools faced blatant prejudice and racism in their learning environment. The health system before the nineteenth century was characterized by racial ...

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