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Activity Based Cost Accounting Techniques


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Activity Based Cost Accounting Techniques

Activity Based Cost Accounting Techniques

This is an advanced accounting class, topic must be covered in depth. Must be original...will be submitted thru plagarism checker. Use the off-campus electronic databases, provided by Liberty University`s library and other sources to search for journal articles in professional accounting and business journals that pertain to topics covered in Cost Accounting. Write a 3 -4 page, double-spaced research paper. Your paper should include 1-inch margins and pagination and should follow APA format. The font you choose must be 12-pt type or less. It must include references from at least five different sources. Be sure to include a title page and a reference page in addition to your 3 - 4 pages of required writing. please message me if password is needed to access journal articles @ my school.
Activity Based Cost Accounting TechniquesNameCourseDate Activity Based Cost Accounting TechniquesActivity Based Cost Accounting refers to the techniques applied in cost accounting, where the costs involved in the production of goods and services are allocated based on the resources consumed by each activity involved in their production. The overhead costs are summed up for each of organizational activity, and then assigned to the respective products that demand those activities (Kisker, Chang & Schirmer, 2007). Therefore, under the Activity Based Cost Accounting Techniques, commonly known as ABC, overhead costs are allocated to the activities that cause the costs, and then those activities are assigned to the products that require them (Mayer, 2003). This way, the disadvantages associated with allocating overhead costs to products or services produced on the basis of machine hours are eliminated. Thus, under ABC techniques, it is possible to assess accurately the costs associated with each unit of a product or service produced, since such costs can be traced to the activities involved in their production, which have the overhead costs already allocated to them (Laura & Todd, 1998). There are various techniques applied under Activity Based Cost Accounting. The techniques enhances accurate tracing and accounting for costs involved in the production of a unit p...

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