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Activity 3: Software for Project Management


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Activity 3: Software for Project Management

Activity 3: Software for Project Management


Activity 3: Software for Project Management

There are many options for project management software on the market that can help initiate, plan, and carry out a project efficiently. 

Research various project management software.  Look for the strengths and weaknesses of each. You might benefit from creating a table in your MS word file that is broken down into three columns: Software, Strengths and weaknesses. 

Submit all three completed activities here in one MS Word file.


Software for Project Management

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Project management software refers to computer programs that are used to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate projects. The programs are usually customized to suit the nature of the project since various projects differ in terms of resources required, scope, duration, report generation and purpose (Biafore, 2013). All project management software have their streng


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