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ACF5320 - Business analytics

ACF5320 - Business analytics



ACF5320 - Business analytics

The learning goals associated with this unit are to:

  1. appraise the role of business analytics in organisations, the decision making life cycle in business and financial management, model building techniques, model solving techniques, interpretation of results from business models and cutting edge business analytics tools
  2. propose modelling and simulation as effective business and financial decision making procedure, evaluate the risks and benefits of interactive computer-supported business decision making
  3. formulate business problem, choose theoretical framework and decide appropriate decision modelling techniques for given business management situations, assess the limitations of models and the appropriateness of modelling environments
  4. integrate critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills in the assessment of individual summative tasks and/or group tasks dealing with business analytics topics covered in ACF5320.

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ACF5320 - Business analytics ACF5320 - Business analytics
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