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Accounting Journal Reviews


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Accounting Journal Reviews

Accounting Journal Reviews

Research Paper on 4 separate accounting articles based in the U.S. Subject: 4 different accounting subjects Pages: 1 page per article review Information included: review and opinion on article I need to add details: subjects: fraud, bonds, CPA license requirements, and GAAP
Accounting Journal ReviewsName: Institution: Professor: Course: Date Due:This paper reviews four US accounting journals in relation to fraud, bonds, CPA license requirements, and GAAP. These journals include Managerial Auditing Journal, Journal of Accountancy, North American Actuarial Journal, and the Journal of Financial Economic PolicyFraud According to Hillison, Pacini and Sinason, (1999), employee fraud has become persistent in many organizations today. The scholars cited the well`s report generated in 1996 that claimed that fraud and abuse caused American organizations more than $400 per Annum. Another survey by KPMG Peat Marwick organizations established that 62% of organizations had experienced fraud in one form or the other. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) also found out that the average loss per fraud incident for companies, which had fewer than one hundred workers, was $120,000 and that few organizations if any experienced no fraud. So in essence, employee fraud is a torn in the flesh for USA organizations. Hillison et al (1999) also states that among the sources of fraud in a company includes, misstatements from deceptive financial reporting and misstatements arising from misuse of assets. Misstatements emanating from falsified accounts report are intentional or omissions of amounts to mislead users. Misstatements arising from misuse of assets include stealing of a firm`s assets. This type of fraud is mostly undertaken by employees rather than the management.Majority of accounting personnel are in agreement that externa...

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