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ACC MOD 4 SLP - Allocated costs


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ACC MOD 4 SLP - Allocated costs

ACC MOD 4 SLP - Allocated costs

Review your organization and its treatment of allocated costs. Retrieve any report in the organization that allocates common costs to a division, product, or service. Recast that report with unallocated costs and comment on the usefulness of that revised report. If you cannot identify specific actual amounts, make a reasonable estimate and apply the tool as if the data were factual. If you are unable to identify any report with allocated costs, create a report that you think may apply to your organization and treat the data as if it were factual. LENGTH: 1-2 pages typed and double spaced The following items will be assessed in particular: The name and nature of the organization The activity and time period you used The inputs you used Your results Any implications from your results
Running head: ACCMOD4SLPName:TutorInstitution:CourseDate of submission: ` IntroductionAllocated costs are costs proportionally assigned to costs that result from a cause while unallocated costs are costs that represent corporate that are not associated or linked to the provision of a service or product by the company. It is important for any organization to ensure that resource allocation is done equitably. This is to ensure that the departments within the organization are up and running that guarantees the organization good returns at the end of the day. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is an organization that deals with the welfare for children and families that are less privileged in the society. We are going to examine how they allocate resources to the various departments within their organization (Stevenson, 2002).TANF as an organization allocates its direct costs to wages, benefits, provisions and many more. It includes things like sponsoring of projects, instructional materials and patient care activities. In simple terms they are the material and labor costs meant for specific assets and items. In this method, the transfer of the costs of services in a department is directed straight to the productive departments. Indirect fixed costs include the...

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