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Academic Dishonesty


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Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty


Need 11 Annotated Bibliographies - I do not need a cover page - already have. Please see the attached instructions. Topic: Academic Dishonesty (germane to Nursing Education)


Academic Dishonesty Name Institution Date Several articles highlight the growing concern about academic cheating in nursing practice .Balik, Sharon, Kelishek and Tabak, talks about how academic cheating in nursing student practices and how students future practice after graduation can be predicted. In a research conducted the findings indicate that there is the tendency to see academic dishonesty as a normal occurrence; the most commonly committed act is plagiarism. The research found out that there are correlations between personal characteristics and attitude towards cheating. Some of the recommendations from the research include raising awareness about the growing problem and its future implication. To institute policies that promoted integrity and also establish policies regarding penalties to deter students and other staff from dishonesty. Stonecypher and Pamela Wilson are in agreement that there need nursing practice to conduct further research on academic cheating as it is becoming a growing concern . Nursing profession needs to develop policies that can guide implementation of specific cheating deterrent strategies. Stonecypher and Pamela Wilson makes these conclusions after reviewing six databases using various terms related to nursing practice and more than 28,000 publications based on the US higher education and nursing integrity. Some of the publication talked about student misconduct, nursing cheating nursing policy, and nursing integrity. How...

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