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Abortion should be legal


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Abortion should be legal

Abortion should be legal


I want a 5 paragraphs essay that have introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion by supporting “Abortion should be legal”. Thank you!

Student Name:Topic: Abortion should be LegalTutor:Date:IntroductionIn 2008, approximately 86 million had unplanned pregnancies. The consequences of unplanned pregnancies vary depending on the health of the woman her relationship with the family, the economic resources the woman is endowed with, and the availability and accessibility of medical care CITATION Cen11 p 1 l 1033 (Center for Reproductive Rights 1). These including other factors influence a woman`s decision on whether to abortion or keep the pregnancy. Due to such complexities, the pregnant woman is the only person with the ability to make such a decision CITATION Cen11 p 1 l 1033 (Center for Reproductive Rights 1).BodyThe legalization of abortion is by far among the most controversial public policies globally. Referring to the 1973 Supreme Court`s decision made on the Roe v. Wade this led to abortion ...

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