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Abortion from different religions perspective


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Abortion from different religions perspective

Abortion from different religions perspective

Hi, i want this papers cover Islam, Christianity and Judaism perspective about abortion. start with introduction and why we take these religions because each religion has his own holy book. give me the result of each religion,when they allow and when they not. at the end give me a conclusion that the abortion shouldn`t be allow for people unless the mother is in danger. thank you .
Running head: ABORTION FROM DIFFERENT RELIGIONS PERSPECTIVE [Author`s Name] [Institution`s Name] Introduction: The existing religious views on abortion range widely from conditional acceptance, to neutrality, to vehement rejection. Monotheist religions preach and advocate religious views that consider abortion in views ranging from murder to justice. The opinions are reflected in not only the views but even traditions and practices. Religiously the topic of abortion centralizes on the rights and status of the fetus, the rights and status of the mother, the role, interference and influence of medical technology, and the quantitative and qualitative value of life. The topic also discusses the social, economic and political concerns relating to the issues of fertility and infertility, and the meaning and magnitude of deciding such issues in relation to faith and religion. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all inter related monotheistic religions that follow religious texts, human`s ability to reason and resonate, and precedents to make ethical decisions. These three religions consist of, in themselves and among each other, very diverse and dividing opinions on abortion. Most religious scholars, in all three of these religions, believe that God creates all life. Therefore, the embryo, from the moment of its conception, because its human life created by God, deserves rights similar to o...

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