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Aboriginal History


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Aboriginal History

Aboriginal History

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ABORIGINAL HISTORYNameGrade courseTutor`s Name(10/06/2012)Aboriginal HistoryIntroductionIn the fur Trade Society of Western Canada, women were influenced in the trade in different occasions. As it was properly expressed, the fur trade was being referred to the history of the early Canadian west. This trade dominated the force for shaping the history of Canadian`s four western provinces for several time. This helped in the formation of western Canada to frontier society that appeared to be unique in the realm of interracial contact. The history for Canada for a long time was characterized by relatively less violent between white and the Indians citizens.[Keith, Cole The aborigines of Victoria, New York: Keith Cole publications, 1982] The little violent that were experienced between the whites and the Indians were as a result of the following reasons. The first point was that, by its very nature, the fur trade that was taking place in Canada was predicted on mutual dependency, as well as, exchange among Indian and the white. At this point, it was known that the only essential Indian was the one that was alive for it was the Indian who gave out both the market, as well as, the pelts for European commodities. According to the researchers, it was approved that not only the Indian men who promoted the Fur trade but also the women worked hard in the establishment of this trade in India.[Richard, Broome. Aboriginal Victorians: A History since 1800, New York: Allen and Unwin 2005] During this trade, women were responsible for trapping smaller fur- trade animals especially the marten was expensively sold. The Indian women also emerged as diplomats, as well as, peacemakers, symbolizing that they were ready to maintain the flow of European commodities into their country. During this time, some of the goods were still on demand by the Indian women comprised of cloths, kettle, needles, and knives. These commodities were to assist in alleviating the Canadian women`s work role.The other factors, which encouraged the, Indian women to promote harmonious relationship was the wider occurrence of intermarriage that was taking place between the incoming traders, as well as, the Indian women. This was especially experienced among the Ojibwa and the Chipewyan. As a result, the Indian women showed indispensable helpmates to the men, as well as, officers who belonged to both the Canadian rival and British based Hudson`s Bay Company, together with the North West Company. As a result, those unions, which were interracial, were the basis for a fur trade society and were sanctioned by indigenous rights.[Langton, Marcia Rachel, Pks. First Australians. Sydney: The Miegunyah press, 2010] The establishment of marriage contributed to a complete and changing interaction among the traders and the local Indians societies. As a result, several Indian bands actively encouraged the establishment of marital alliances between their ladies and traders who visited their country. This made ...

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