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A Rose for Emily


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A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily

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Name:Lecturer:Course:Date:A Rose for EmilyWilliam Faulkner writes a five section story that revolves around the life of Miss Emily Grieson who finds life so unfair. Life becomes harsh for her given the situations that she undergoes and the author`s view is expressed in the topic “A rose for Emily”; this is symbolic of the death and a flower would be a consolation for the suffering she underwent. Also the rose would also mean death since it would be placed at the grave site after her death depicting the major challenges she goes through. This paper discusses the story “a rose for Emily” and gives the author`s point of view and compares it to modern society.Faulkner presents the story about Miss Emily and her situations that faced her in life while living in Jefferson town. The author tells of the sour relations Emily had with her father, the town and her lovers making it very difficult for her to live. It unearths the suffering of an innocent woman in the hands of those she loved and the torture she undergoes due to love. The author tries to expose the theme suffering for love as she portrays a betrayed and anguished Emily in the hands of an uncaring father (Faulkner, 12). By exposing, suffering such as rejection of Emily`s prospective suitors by her father the author views society as very dominative. He tries to highlight the issue of parents forcing their children to do things they don`t like or are not interested in. Through the teachings this story, every parent is cautioned not to manipulate and control their children since it may be detrimental. In this case it ended up with death after Emily lacked suitors. Society should learn that children are to be guided on the right path but not controlled or forced to do certain things (Shmoop, 51).The suffering can be viewed in the town that she was living in, her once nicest street was dilapidated and regarded as one of the worst and ugly looking streets in the town. It is not perturbing that this street had aged and withered with Miss Emily. In addition to this, her family`s respect seems to diminish with time. Her family was once regarded as one of the nicest families in Jefferson town, however, the views tend to shift course as Emily grows older. As the story continues, Emily became old she would never get a suitor at this age and this ended up being a cause for her death (Morton, 40). The issue of love is also brought out strongly by the author love for the family, children and spouse. Modern society is really affected by love especially between spouses; instances of parents trying to manipulate their children to marry from cer...

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