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A Memo Concerning US-Mexico Economic Relations


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A Memo Concerning US-Mexico Economic Relations

A Memo Concerning US-Mexico Economic Relations


Please read the instructions and grading rubric (uploaded) document for this assignment very thoroughly and carefully (this is located in the "Additional Files" area). I have provided you with sources in the instructions document, in which they will be in PDF files located in the "Additional Files" area of this order. Please write according to instructions and the topic/issue. Do not plagiarize, whatsoever, as I will check if it is or not. AGAIN, follow instructions and grading rubric very thoroughly in order to fully complete this paper correctly and appropriately at a graduate-level academic writing. Thank you.


A Memo Concerning U.S.-Mexico Economic Relations Name Institution Date: April 2015 To: The People and Congress of the United States Subject: Current economic Status and Forecast in 100 years It should not come as a surprise in the America’s intentions for maintaining an interest in Mexico especially on matters related to cross-border trade and investment. This scenario is projected to continue for quite long due to the boom population in United States. There are no other means of indicating that concrete trade activities are needed order to match the demographic figures for equitable growth and developing. The anticipated growth of the country is a subject to U.S. economy. The economic sector of U.S has been haunted by inadequate investments that are estimated to around $8 billion dollars. Moreover, it is perceived that the increasing


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