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A descriptive narrative on freedom


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A descriptive narrative on freedom

A descriptive narrative on freedom

my writing plan Freedom is my word. Free is my first Quality. Humble is my second quality Patience is my third quality write a descriptive, researched narrative. This narrative should present how you are engaged or how you dominate impression designates you. in other words, you are to discuss how it is that this dominate impression creates or is apart of you. you must incorporate research that deals specifically with you dominate impression based on how you intend to discuss its connection to you. This information either confirms current assumptions you have about your dominate impression or offers an alternate, 0bjective perspective. Can you please add a 3rd page to this paper and bill me for it thank you.
NameInstitutionTutorDateA descriptive narrative on freedomAbstractThis paper examines the concept of freedom and how to get it. It also explains how various virtues relate to freedom e.g. humility and patience. It further explains what happens when freedom is wrongly used and also the miles countries have gone through to attain freedom. Every individual yearns for freedom as it is only through freedom that one can expand and grow in skills and abilities. Even the young children usually demands freedom form their care givers to be able to explore and learn new things. When freedom is not granted, they react by either crying or getting annoyed. The concept of freedom has brought issues over the past few decades in areas of politics, speech and media. Activists seek for freedom by demonstrating on the streets to be heard. The demand for freedom is more than it can be offered. What is freedom?Freedom can be defined as self determination and it is a condition whereby there is minimal constrains (Kramer, 9). Everybody in society cannot be given freedom to do what he/she wishes. Democracy can be related to freedom and it can be viewed as an agent of freedom if it gives individuals reasonable voting choices and if it makes sure that people have information that is not biased or distorted necessary to make a choice of their own and of interest to them. Freedom means being free to do according to one`s will. With freedom, one can advance and grow in abilities because there are no restrictions and due to this I see freedom to be part of my life because with no...

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