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A book review about the 10 pm author Kate di Goldi


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A book review about the 10 pm author Kate di Goldi

A book review about the 10 pm author Kate di Goldi


A book review about a book called the 10 pm Author Kate Di Goldi

A book Review about the 10 pm Author Kate di GoldiName:InstitutionThis is a book set to revolve around the life of a 12-year-old boy, Frankie. It primarily tackles issues to do with his innocence and fear and how these have affected his life in relation to both his family members and friends. The author defines fear as her main theme and work around it in trying to make the reader understand its effect on a person and in particular, a teenager who thinks the world around does not understand him. While the book concentrates on Frankie, the reader is also introduced to other characters and how they contribute to the mental and emotional growth of Frankie.In the first scene, that is; Tuesday, February 14, Frankie’s worries are introduced. He seems to be engulfed in thoughts of many bird names and the thought of disease possibilities that can infect him drives him crazy (De Goldi, 2008). This is unlike his relatives who seem not to have such fears. They see...

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