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A and P


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A and P

A and P

Hi writer this is my coursework that i will uploaded,there are two work Emily and AP.you can also see all my professor instruction on the uploaded paper.but please separate both work. Just answer the question on the uploaded file,and before this order I`m mean my last order before. is the same and same instruction
A and P Name: Course title: Professor: Institution: Date Due: The Expository part of this story is when Sammy, who is a teenage clerk in AP grocery who is working in a cash register when three ladies enter in this store barefooted and in swimsuits to buy snacks. Although they are in this way, Sammy accepts that they go on buying while sexually appreciating them. However, Lengel, who is the store manager, admonishes the girls for not dressing appropriately for grocery shopping. This embarrasses Sammy in a great deal up to the point of resigning immediately from the job. This reaction is an attempt by the person to be recognized by these women who does not seem to notice this. "Queenie" is a name S...

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