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8 sentences using elements in the instruction box


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8 sentences using elements in the instruction box

8 sentences using elements in the instruction box

Assignment 3: Grammar. Review basic types of sentences, using an online tutorial: http://www.towson.edu/ows/sentencestruct.htm (Please cut & paste the URL to a browser such as Yahoo to view the tutorial.) I find that many American-trained students avoid “dependent clauses” and have trouble using semicolons. Review basic sentence types now, so you can practice variations during the next few weeks of the course. Post original examples of the following eight elements discussed in the tutorial (i.e., make up your own examples; don`t use those from the tutorial): 8 sentences using the following elements. 1. Subject & predicate 2. Phrase 3. Clause (main and subordinate) 4. Simple Sentence (one independent clause) 5. Compound Sentence using a coordinating conjunction 6. Compound Sentence using a conjunctive adverb such as ; however, ; nevertheless ; 7. Complex Sentence (one independent or main clause linked with a dependent clause) 8. Compound-Complex Sentence
Name:Tutor:Literature and Language7th March, 2012Grammar: The Eight Basic Types of Sentences 1 Subject & PredicateThe subject in a sentence is represented by the pronoun or a noun. However, predicate is the action of the subject. A predicate, which is also the verb, may be followed by an auxiliary verb such as has, had and will.Sentence: Children always play hide and seek during the day.The subject is children, and the predicate is play. 2 PhraseThey are related words that do not have a predicate and a subject. A phrase does not also give a thought that is complete. Types of phrase include verbal and prepositional phrases.Sentence 1: The student stood in front of the...

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