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2 Peer Review Sources Precis: Experimental Determination


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2 Peer Review Sources Precis: Experimental Determination

2 Peer Review Sources Precis: Experimental Determination


Find 2 peer reviewed articles for your topic and create an in depth Precis for each, the précis format will be attached 
the topic is prevalent single family homes construction methods,
the sources need to be about historical building methods in the united states that were very sustainable, the design precedents must prove that they were able to (I.e. stay warm during the winter or cool during the summer or were waterproof) before the use of modern and current unsustainable methods.


2 Peer Review Sources Precis Student: Professor: Institution: Course Title: Date: In Biblis Evangelos, J`s journal, Experimental Determination of the Energy Requirements for Cooling and Heating Different Single Story Residential Structures (march 2005), Evangelos observed that houses with concrete slab floors would require more energy for heating and cooling as compared to houses with an insulated wood floor. In addition, houses with slab floors and concrete blocks on the outer walls, would require high energy for cooling and heating. He also observed that houses with plywood siding would require higher amounts of energy for heating and cooling as opposed to houses with brick siding. By constructing ten experimental single-room unit housing that had similar internal dimensions, attic space, exterior wood floor facing south and window facing north, and with each unit having similarly


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