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1. Create a program in Python 3 which implements the model of the adder


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1. Create a program in Python 3 which implements the model of the adder



1.        Create a program in Python 3 which implements the model of the adder
         as designed in the previous coursework                                                     
2.        Test the program with selected test data      
3.        Write a report to present the work                                                            



  1. 1.    Program
  2. 2.    Testing
    1. 3.    Reporting
  • The program must work in a loop, reading two integer numbers, computing the sum of them and printing out the result until instructed to quit
  • The program must check the input data for the data type permitted and the data value limitations (the value of the integer must not exceed the actual size of byte-coded integers, i.e. min 00000000 and max 11111111 in Base 2 or min 0 and max 255 in Base 10 for positive integers, min 10000000 and max 01111111 in Base 2 or min -128 and max +127 in Base 10 for signed integers)
  • The program must be implemented in a modular way with separate functions for inputting data, logical operations, arithmetic operations and outputting the result of the calculation
  • The tests must be performed after completing the development in order to gather suitable data for reporting
  • The tests may require writing additional functions for performing the testing which make use of the functions which perform the computations
  • The test data used for testing the programs must include normal data, special values (if any), max/min values, wrong data types, wrong values
·         The program must be described in terms of its structure and behaviour. It can be presented using text and structural charts, 
flowcharts or other diagrams as needed

The tests must be described in terms of testing scenario, input data, expected results, actual results and analysis of the results, It can be presented in a table form 

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