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1.1 Explain the purpose of performance reviews and appraisals


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1.1 Explain the purpose of performance reviews and appraisals

Title Manage Individuals’ Development in the Workplace Unit number 8622-307

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria

The learner will:

The learner can:

1.   Be able to carry out performance appraisals

1.1 Explain the purpose of performance reviews and appraisals

1.2 Explain techniques to prepare for and carry out appraisals

1.3 Provide a private environment in which to carry out appraisals

1.4 Carry out performance reviews and appraisals in accordance with organisational policies and procedures

1.5 Provide clear, specific and evidence- based feedback sensitively

1.6 Agree future actions that are consistent with appraisal findings and identified development needs

2.   Be able to support the learning and development of individual team members

2.1 Describe training techniques that can be applied in the workplace

2.2 Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of learning and development interventions and methods

2.3 Explain organisational learning and development policies and resource availability

2.4 Review individuals’ learning and development needs at regular intervals

2.5 Suggest learning and development opportunities and interventions that are likely to meet individual and business needs

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