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1.1 Explain the features of a project business case


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1.1 Explain the features of a project business case

Title Participate in a project
Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria The learner will: The learner can:

1. Understand how to manage a project
1.1 Explain the features of a project business case
1.2 Explain the stages of a project lifecycle
1.3 Explain the roles of people involved in a project
1.4 Explain the uses of project-related information
1.5 Explain the advantages and limitations of different project monitoring techniques
1.6 Analyse the interrelationship of project scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality and resources
2. Be able to support the delivery of a project
2.1 Fulfil their role in accordance with a project plan
2.2 Collect project-related information in accordance with project plans
2.3 Use appropriate tools to analyse project information
2.4 Report on information analysis in the agreed format and timescale
2.5 Draw issues, anomalies and potential problems to the attention of project managers
2.6 Adhere to organisational policies and procedures, legal and ethical requirements in supporting the delivery of a project

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