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1.1 Explain the basis for allocating resources


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1.1 Explain the basis for allocating resources

Title Manage customer service operations
Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria The learner will: The learner can:

1. Understand the management of customer service operations
1.1 Explain the basis for allocating resources
1.2 Analyse the suitability of a range of methods to monitor customer service operations
1.3 Explain the strategies needed to deliver seamless customer service
1.4 Explain techniques used to develop solutions to problems
1.5 Evaluate sources of information on customer performance data
1.6 Analyse a range of techniques to identify patterns and trends in customer behaviour and customer service performance
1.7 Analyse a range of possible improvements to customer service operations
2. Be able to plan customer service operations
2.1 Define the service offer to meet identified customer expectations
2.2 Develop plans that will enable sustainable and consistent customer service operations to agreed standards
2.3 Develop contingencies that address identified risks
2.4 Specify targets, objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs)and monitoring arrangements
2.5 communicate objectives, targets, standards and procedures to staff

3. Be able to manage customer service operations
3.1 Allocate resources according to agreed priorities
3.2 Keep staff informed of developments and best practice
3.3 Maintain positive working relationships amongst staff
3.4 Carry out monitoring activities in accordance with plans
3.5 Manage deviations from expected performance and service failures in accordance with contingency plans
3.6 Use feedback from staff and customers to make improvements
3.7 Take action within the limits of their responsibility to make improvements to customer service performance
4. Be able to measure customer service performance
4.1 Ensure that systems to collect agreed performance data are in place
4.2 Identify trends of customer behaviour and customer service performance
4.3 Benchmark performance against agreed measures
4.4 Address identified anomalies and problems
4.5 Identify areas for improvement within customer service

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