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1.1 Describe the processes relating to the use of analytical tools


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1.1 Describe the processes relating to the use of analytical tools

Unit F/503/3177 Marketing Policy and Strategy
Learning Outcome The learner will: Assessment Criteria The learner can:
1. Be able to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to specific company operations
1.1 Describe the processes relating to the use of analytical tools
1.2 Apply SWOT principles to solve organisational issues
1.3 Complete a rank ordered SWOT analysis
1.4 Describe the use of a SWOT analysis
2. Be able to select relevant solutions to problems they identify
2.1 Apply appropriate techniques in the selection of suitable alternatives
2.2 Evaluate evidence critically in relation to competing ideas
3. Be able to highlight the complexities of corporate planning and control
3.1 Use theoretical perspectives to explain the issues of corporate strategy
3.2 Explain the nature of strategy and strategic decisions
3.3 Explain strategy development: mergers and acquisitions, joint developments and strategic alliances
4. Be able to produce effective report writing related to case-study analysis
4.1 Coherently structure answers
4.2 Construct well-supported, clearly articulated and sustained arguments
4.3 Justify conclusions based on well-supported arguments
5. Be able to demonstrate the application of theories to practical situations
5.1 Analyse situations from a range of perspectives and evaluate the appropriateness of different interventions or approaches
5.2 Apply concepts and theories to inform understanding of practice
Assessment Methods
There are no mandatory assessment methods for this unit.
The following provides examples of assessment methods that could be used to generate evidence for this unit.
This list is not an exhaustive list and other methods can be used by the centre.
 Recognition of Prior Learning/Achievement
 Observation
 Professional Discussion
 Product Evidence
 Expert Witness Testimony
 Witness Testimony
 Simulation

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