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1.1 - Describe the managers’ role in identifying performance issues in the team


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1.1 - Describe the managers’ role in identifying performance issues in the team

Unit 3008V1 - Improving team performance
Learning Outcomes

The Learner will:-

1. Be able to identify issues which affect performance
2. Know how to select and apply the best course of action to address a performance issue
3. Be able to take action to achieve the performance issue of an individual

Task 1 Assessment Criteria Pass/Refer Comments

Writing in the role of a first line
manager, list some of the different
types of performance issues you
might encounter, and describe how
you might go about identifying these.
Use your own experience to provide
practical examples where
appropriate. For each of the issues
identified, outline where the limits of
your responsibility would start and

Guideline word count: 350 - 400

A.C. 1.1 - Describe the
managers’ role in
performance issues in
the team

A.C. 1.3 - Identify the
limits of responsibility
for dealing with
individual and team

Task 2 Assessment Criteria Pass/Refer Comments
Describe some of the tools and
techniques that are available to help
you assess how individuals are
performing their job roles, including
their associated behaviour, and how
the team as a whole is performing.
Identify formal and informal
examples and indicate how you
might use them, describing your
approach. Use real life examples to
assist, where possible.

Guideline word count: 500 - 550

A.C. 1.2 - Describe
how to evaluate
individual and team
performance and

A.C. 2.1 - Identify the
range of approaches

Task 3 Assessment Criteria Pass/Refer Comments
You have a team member whose
performance is unsatisfactory.
Outline some examples of the
different methods of help and
support available to improve the
individual’s performance, and when
and how these might be applied.
Explain how you would prepare for
and conduct a performance
counselling session with your team
member. Explain why it is important
to maintain confidentiality, and what
actions you would take to ensure
this happens in practice.

Guideline word count: 500 - 550

A.C. 2.2 - Describe the
different methods
available in providing
help and support in
order to improve
performance of an

A.C. 2.3 - Explain how
to conduct a
counselling session for
an individual

A.C. 2.4 - Explain the
importance of

Task 4 Assessment Criteria Pass/Refer Comments
Produce an example of an action
plan for a team member who needs
to improve his/her performance.
(You may use an example from your
workplace if you wish.) Suggest
what support services you could
draw on and how you might use
them. Explain how you would go
about making sure that the plan was
achieved, and why it is important to
keep records of what actions
actually take place and the
outcomes of these actions.
Guideline word count: 550 - 600

A.C. 3.1 - Agree with a
team member an
action plan to address
a performance issue

A.C. 3.2 - Explain the
range of support
services available

A.C. 3.3 - Explain how
to ensure that the
desired outcomes are

A.C. 3.6 - Identify why
records of action plan
achievements and
actions taken are

Task 5 Assessment Criteria Pass/Refer Comments
Give examples of the types of
situations when a) disciplinary and
b) grievance procedures may be
used. Explain your role in these
situations as a first line manager.
Use real life examples if possible.

Guideline word count: 350 - 400

A.C. 3.4 - Explain the
circumstances when
disciplinary and
grievance procedures
may be invoked

words A.C. 3.5 - Explain the
first line manager’s
role in a disciplinary
and grievance

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