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1 What should the role of government be during difficult economic situations?


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1 What should the role of government be during difficult economic situations?

502 DB 3: Role of Government


Please review uploaded documents and follow instructions and grading rubric very thoroughly. Do not plagiarize on this assignment. Use only the sources I ask. Remember, this is not an essay, but more of a coursework with answers to questions being asked.

Discussion Board Thread (Response)


This week you will answer the questions based on the Claar/Klay text.

1            What should the role of government be during difficult economic situations?

2            Should the government intervene in market failures? Argue for or against and use the current economic crisis to explain your argument.

3            Compare/contrast your reading this week from Claar/Klay, to the reading from Barr in previous weeks. Focus on the major similarities and approaches to economic issues. Consider the Christian worldview as you compare and contrast.


 2 Source(s) TO Use as References:

***”Economics in Christian Perspective: Theory, Practice, and Life Choices” by Victor V. Clarr & Robin J. Klay


***Bible verses (incorporate  biblical Scripture to your answers)





Make sure this assignment has an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion




Response paper Insert name: Institution: Due date: Introduction Claar and Klay present underlying concepts from economic theory to explain policy implications from theoretical insights. They apply implications concerning personal life choices based on Christian perspective in the marketplace. The authors create an understanding of economics from a Christian perspective. They integrate clear explanations of economic principles and personal advice and experience. This is a response paper that responds to given questions using the work of Claar and Klay (economic in Christian perspective). Part one Biblical scriptures reveal several principles which assist to identify a just economic system including a just economic behavior by citizens. For instance, proverbs 29:7 states “the righteous care aims to give justice to the poor.” It is government’s responsibility to address difficult economic problems and assist the underprivileged and the poor (Claar and Klay, 2007). The government has a role to play to protect properties, enforce contracts,


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