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1. Understand the foundations for developing organisational strategy


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1. Understand the foundations for developing organisational strategy

ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management

Strategic Planning

Unit aims

The aim of this unit is to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to develop an organisational strategic plan

Learning outcomes

1. Understand the foundations for developing organisational strategy

1.1 Explain the relationship between mission, vision, strategy and business plans

1.2 Analyse named organisations’ mission and vision statements

1M1 Evaluate the impact of a named organisation’s vision and mission on its strategy

2. Understand the external environment affecting organisations

2.1 Explain how external factors affect organisations

2.2 Evaluate how stakeholder expectations influence organisations

2.3 Explain how changes in the external environment affect organisational strategy

2D1 Analyse how external influences affect organisational strategy in a named organisation

3. Be able to review an organisation’s strategy and business plans

3.1 Explain the importance of review in the development of organisational strategy and business plans

3.2 Evaluate the tools which can be used to review organisational strategy and business plans

4. Be able to develop strategic options for an organisation

4.1 Use modelling tools to develop strategic options for an organisation

4.2 Develop criteria for reviewing the potential strategy options

4M1 Apply the criteria and evaluate the options as the basis for delivering the strategic direction of the organisation

5. Understand how to create a strategic plan to meet business objectives

5.1 Explain the structure of a plan needed to deliver a strategy

5.2 Explain how stakeholders are involved in the formulation of the plan

5.3 Produce a dissemination process to ensure stakeholders are informed and committed to the plan

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