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1. Title of Experiment


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1. Title of Experiment

Gendered Differences: Effect of Blood Pressure Medication.


Design an experiment 
Choose a potential sex difference that you think may exist between men and women, anything you find interesting, and design an experiment to test whether or not that sex difference exists. Your answer should include a statement of your hypothesis, a description the independent variable in your experiment (what it is you`re manipulating in your experiment), the dependent variable (what you are measuring), the control group, and a brief description of the how you would perform the experiment.
Organize your submission using the following headings:
1. Title of Experiment
2. Statement of your hypothesis
3. Description of your independent variable
4. Description of your dependent variable
5. Description of your control group
6. A brief description of how the experiment will be performed
Limit your answer to no more than 300 words (if you can answer the question thoroughly in 100 words, that`s fine). You answer should be double-spaced, using a 12-point font with standard margins.


Name Institution Date Design an Experiment 1. Title of Experiment Gendered differences, and the effect of blood pressure medication. 2. Statement of your hypothesis It is hypothesized that the new hypertension drug is effective and the effect may differ between the male and female subjects. As such, the experiment focuses on establishing that the drug effectiveness success rate depends on gender. 3. Description of your independent variable The independent varia


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