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1-Prepare a Test & Evaluation Master Plan for the product*


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1-Prepare a Test & Evaluation Master Plan for the product*

Verification and Validation



“We make smart phones by buying parts and putting them together. In other words, we do not make parts, we specify performance of parts and order them (electric circuit board, screen, case, battery, charger, OS customization, etc) from suppliers, so that we do not need to consider development test of the parts. Auditing the V&V (Verification and Validation) practice and reviewing the test reports from suppliers are sufficient for part level. In this way, we can focus on system level design and V&V (weight, size, screen brightness, battery life, UX, etc).”



Please create the test plan as below:

1-Prepare a Test & Evaluation Master Plan for the product*

2-Prepare a Detailed Test Plan outline for the product*


Verification and Validation Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Verification and Validation Test and Evaluation Master Plan for the product – Smartphone Background The Smartphone product has a range of capabilities. It has a fantastic camera jam-packed with excellent features. It is also fast and has innovative software features, and great battery life and performance. The Smartphone is nice to feel/touch in one’s hand, is light and very stylish. Operational performance requirements The matrix on table 1 below shows the minimum acceptable operational performance requirements. The matrix contains operational performance requirements with their related objective and threshold parameters. The thresholds represent the level of system acceptance to the users to successfully offer the desired capability. Thresholds, against which the suitability and effectiveness parameters would be measured, are quantitative. Table 1: minimum acceptable operational performance Operational Effectiveness Parameter


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