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1. Distinguish a research problem and its scope;


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1. Distinguish a research problem and its scope;

4.2 Learning Outcomes


4.2.1 Knowledge

On completion of this module the successful student will be able to:

  1. Distinguish a research problem and its scope;
  2. Critically evaluate the management area chosen for the project;
  3. Critically review the appropriate research methodologies;
  4. Critically assess the outcome of the research project (MKT4009); compare and contrast different approaches towards a project which delivers practical benefits for an organisation (MKT4029)


4.2.1 Skills

This module will call for the successful student to:

  1. Identify and justify a key managerial issue related to marketing which requires a resolution;
  2. Identify and justify an appropriate methodology to conduct an investigation effectively;
  3. Engage effectively with key stakeholders to obtain relevant data;
  4. Articulate the research findings which are accessible to a wide audience.

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