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1. Describe the Neanderthal skull shape and body shape.


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1. Describe the Neanderthal skull shape and body shape.

  1. Describe the Neanderthal  skull shape and body  shape.
  2. What information does mtDNA give us? How is it useful?
  3. The  increase in 15N/14N ratio indicates increased meat  in the diet. In MIS 5- a relatively warm period, how did the Neanderthals obtain meat?
  4. What does the term “opportunistic “ omnivore mean? What was in this Neanderthal diet? Be specific.
  5. How can you differentiate from glacial to interglacial times using 02 isotopes in sediment?
  6. The Atapuerca researchers  believed they had found which species? Why did they believe this species was symbolic?
  7. .When and where did Anatomically Modern  H.sapiens first arise? Describe what kind of tool kit

  they had.

What does Tattersall mean by Archaic H.sapiens? What did their faces look like?

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