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1. Critically evaluate the theory and concepts of customer buying behaviour.


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1. Critically evaluate the theory and concepts of customer buying behaviour.

Module Overview: Satisfying customers, consumers and clients is a priority for all organisations if they wish to survive and prosper. This can only be achieved if organisations are able to see the world through their customers` eyes, understand the often seemingly irrational nature of their purchasing behaviour and respond with appropriate products or services. This module concerns itself with theories underlying customer behaviour and provides a foundation for analysing customer needs and wants. It also provides an opportunity for students to apply these concepts through self-analysis and/ or through applications in case studies or real life situations.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate the theory and concepts of customer buying behaviour.
  2. Evaluate the range of models and research methods used to explain consumer behaviour.
  3. Select, justify and apply relevant theory and models to inform successful decision making


Formative Activities & Assessment 

Formative Activities and Assessments are opportunities for you to apply, practice and make sense of the learning materials and content that you have encountered.  These may take the form of individual tasks, such as reading some text or watching a video and documenting your reaction to it, responding to some discussion points on the discussion forum, considering a case study, or participating in a live online classroom session.  The main aim of formative activities is for you to receive feedback on your contribution or performance that will help you prepare for and complete your final module assessment.

Summative Assessment 

Summative assessments are the pieces of coursework that you complete which contribute towards your final grade in this module.  You should take the feedback that you receive from the completion of coursework in this module and use it to help you improve your performance in future assessments.  

Summative assessment in this module is two pieces of submitted coursework.  You will be expected to submit your summative assignments via the Turnitin assessment point and Blackboard assignment tool on the Assessment page in My Learning section of the your module.     


Coursework 1 

Assessment weighting:                    50%

Word count:                          1500 words 

Submission Date/Time:                   26/10/16 9pm GMT 


Coursework 1


Research proposal

Learning outcomes to be assessed: 1, 2 & 3 - Weighting 50%

You are required to submit a 1,500-word proposal for a small scale project to observe consumers’ buying behaviours in commercial environment within your local area for analysis. Your proposal must provide clear aim and objectives, rationales and justifications of your project, incorporating relevant theoretical concept and ethics. Your proposal must be approved by your tutor in prior to implementation (CW2). Submission is electronically via Turnitin


Coursework 2 

Assessment weighting:                    50% 

Word count:                                      No longer than 10 minutes  

Submission Date/Time:                   07/12/16 9pm GMT  



Coursework 2            Presentation

(CW2) Learning outcomes to be assessed: 1, 2 & 3  - Weighting 50%

Based on the proposal you have submitted for CW1, you are to implement the project and present your findings and analysis using relevant theories and models in an online presentation. Your presentation should last no longer than 10 minutes.

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