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1. Be able to analyse business objectives to identify feasible projects


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1. Be able to analyse business objectives to identify feasible projects

ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Healthcare Management

Project Management

Unit aims

To understand the process of identifying appropriate and feasible projects, and to be able to initiate and start a project. To be able to manage, monitor and control a project, including assessing, managing and controlling project risks and issues, project and team management and change management. To be able to evaluate the success or failure of a project

Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to analyse business objectives to identify feasible projects

1.1 Identify projects required from an appraisal of established business objectives

1.2 Produce project sub-divisions and high-level estimates of time, resources and costs

1.3 Evaluate a project methodology suitable for the specific project

1.4 Assess the feasibility of a proposed project

2. Be able to design systems and plans for initiating managing and controlling projects

2.1 Devise a structure for the management and administration of the project

2.2 Define the roles and responsibilities of the project manager

2.3 Prepare a detailed project plan

3. Be able to organise and manage a project

3.1 Assess alternative project team structures

3.2 Demonstrate the interpersonal skills required for effective project management

3.3 Design quality management processes to be used in a project

3.4 Design procedures for managing project change proposals

4. Be able to monitor and control the progress of projects

4.1 Identify issues and risks that may impede a project

4.2 Design systems for monitoring and appraise the status of a project Design control systems to detect and manage issues arising in the course of projects

5. Be able to review, evaluate and closeout a project

5.1 Identify issues and risks likely to be encountered in the final stages of a project.

5.2 Assess the necessary project tasks to be completed in the final stages of a project

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