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1) Analyse the main drivers of globalisation


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1) Analyse the main drivers of globalisation

This assignment should be in the form of a portfolio made up of the tasks below. Globalisation is the integration of economies, industries, markets, cultures and policy-making around the world. Globalisation describes a process by which national and regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through the global network of trade, communication, immigration and transportation. In the more recent past, globalisation was often primarily focused on the economic side of the world, such as trade, foreign direct investment and international capital flows; more recently the term has been expanded to include a broader range of areas and activities such as culture, media, technology, sociocultural, political, and even biological factors, e.g. climate change. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, some talked about the rise of a “one world way” of doing business and living, but more recent events have suggested that those thoughts were misplaced as we see the success of a number of varying economic and national systems. 1) Analyse the main drivers of globalisation. (500 words max.) (20%) 2) Critically evaluate the challenges of globalisation for a multinational company, in the areas below: a. Leadership (20%) b. Organisational Structure (20%) c. The workforce (20%) d. Strategy development (20%

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