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Frank Capra

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Frank Capra

Frank Capra

It`s about all his life and how he achieves the optimism or positivism in his Romance Comedy. Make sure to mention Ernst Lubitsch / and all his big films like It Happened One Night (1934) ,Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) etc,.
Frank Capra Student nameSchool nameFrank CapraLife historyFrank Capra was born near Palermo, scaly city, Italy in May 18, 1897 and died on 3rd September 1991 in la Quinta, California, U.S.A. He was an American Director of motion pictures and is known for his gentle use of satiric and sentimental comedies in 1930s to 1940s. His family migrated from Italy to Los Angeles at the age of six years. He became an army engineering instructor after graduating from California institute of technology in Pasadena in 1918. Other than being a director of motion pictures, he was also a property man and a film cutter; he wrote film titles and gags for comedies like Halroach and Mack Sennett from the year 1921, ( HYPERLINK "http://www.bfi.org.uk/sightandsound/feature/49664" Capra before he became "Capraesque", 2010). Frank Capra directed popular Harry Langdon comedies like tramp, tramp, tramp and the strong man in 1926 and long pants in 1927. His long association with Columbia pictures dates back to 1928, the period he started directing some of the studios prestigious films. Together with Douglas Fairbanks they directed the power of the press film in 1928, platinum blonde (1931) and lady for the day (1933), for which he was nominated for Academy Award for best director for the first time. His Oscar award winning film, it happened before of 1934 marked the beginning of his golden period in the film industry by winning in each of the five categories: best picture, actress, director and screenplay. Other most popular films he directed in the 1930s include Broadway bill (1934) and lost horizon in 1937. Frank won two more Oscars in 1936 and 1938 with Mr. Deeds goes to town and you can`t take it with you respectively with both films sharing a lot in common from humor exhibited by the characters, heroism and many others. Mr. Frank enjoyed unlimited freedom at the Colombia studios which made him adopt a one man, one film theory as he became responsible for every aspect of his films. He directed Mr. Smith goes to Washington in 1939 which was an idealistic tale by a young man battling corruption in Washington D.C portrayed by James Stewart which still remains one of his popular works, ( HYPERLINK "http://www.wesleyan.edu/cinema/collections/capra.htm" l "bio" Description of the Capra Collection, 2010). The mixture of idealism, patriotism and essentiality as found in his films earned him a name Capra- corn. He left Colombia studios after “Mr. Smith” and he continued with a close examination of America`s political system producing others political films like meet John doe in 1941 featuring Gary Cooper as an ex baseball player who became a populist hero. Capra being a major in American signal corps from 1941-45 directed a series of high regarded documentaries commissioned by the US government titled why we fight which greatly helped increase the public support for the war effort. His other popular films include it`s a wonderful thing of 1946 won Oscar no...

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