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[Solved]Foundations of Educational Technology

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[Solved]Foundations of Educational Technology

Foundations of Educational Technology


Review the following readings from the text and write your understanding about provided questions on each topic at least 600 words, but not more than 700 words (referenced). Use the readings as a guide (or starting point for your research) whereby you can provide relevant information to the subject at hand. Specifications: 1. You must cite your sources in-text using the APA format (contributions that lack in-text citations in the APA format will not be considered for evaluation; in-text citations do not count toward the 600 word limit) 2. You must include a references section in the APA style (your references section does not count toward your word limit) 3. You must forgo using blockquotes. Course textbook: Spector, J. M. (2013).Foundations of educational technology: Integrative approaches and interdisciplinary perspectives. Routledge. **Topic1 1. Read Part 2 / Chapters 7-10 (pp. 59-105). 2. Write your answers to the 6 questions listed in the Check Your Understanding section on page 105. 600words ** Topic2 1. Read Part 3 / Chapters 11-15 (pp. 111-155). 2. Write your answers to the 10 questions listed in the Test Your Understanding section on page 155. 600words ** Topic3 1. Read Part 4 / Chapters 16 (pp. 161-170). 2. Write your answers to the 10 questions listed in the Test Your Understanding section on page 170. 600words


Foundations of Educational Technology Name: Institution: Course: Date: Topic 1 Describe a typical instructional flow for a small unit of instruction such as a single lesson For teachers, bring a new concept to the students is always the norm. Teachers will always help the students to understand and relate to new content as they build on their knowledge. The first step of instructions to a small unit in the event of starting a lesson, is working from the known. Ideally, teachers have to involve the students from the things and concepts that they are familiar with to what they are not familiar with. As such that first step is to relate to what the students know. This way the students will be in a position to form a basis for the new information and concepts they are about to receive. The teachers will them the new concept with the related terminologies (Spector, 2013). The students learn how the various terms are described and how they relate to the new concepts. The students are then led to relate the new concepts and information to the old concepts that they already knew in an effort to create a connection in their memories. This will help them to remember much easily, as they memories are easily connected to concepts that they already know (Carswell, 2009). The last stage involves the ability for the students to monitor their own abilities relative to the new and old concepts. At this stage, the students will tell if they actually understand the new concepts and if they ...

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[Solved]Foundations of Educational Technology [Solved]Foundations of Educational Technology
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