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[Solved]Find the x-intercepts

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[Solved]Find the x-intercepts

MATH 107 Coursework Paper: Show Work for All Problems


The last math assignment received 80%. This assignment needs to be 90% or above. This may be handwritten or typed. V/R, Latisha

  1. 1.       Consider the function:  
    1. Find the x-intercepts
    2. Find the y-intercepts
    3. Graph the function
  1. 2.       Consider the function:
  1. Sketch f(x)
  2. Which intervals is f(x) increasing? Use interval notations.
  3. Which intervals is f(x) decreasing? Use interval notations.
  1. 3.       Consider the function:
  1. Sketch f(x)
  2. Sketch -f(x)
  3. Sketch f(x)-1
  1. 4.       Consider the function:
  1. Sketch f(x)
  2. Sketch f(x)-1
  3. Sketch f(x-2)



SHOW WORK FOR ALL PROBLEMS 1 Consider the function: fx=-x2-1 * Find the x-intercepts The Quadratic equation is used in calculating the x intercept and set f(x)=0 X=-b±√b2-4ac/ 2a X=-0 ± √0-4/ -2 Alternatively setting F(x) = 0 Then =-x2-1 The equation has complex roots and no x intercept * Find the y-intercepts Substituting x for 0, then f (0)


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[Solved]Find the x-intercepts [Solved]Find the x-intercepts
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