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[Solved] familiarize the student/s with the distillation set-up

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[Solved] familiarize the student/s with the distillation set-up

Simple Distillation

format as following : Title: Purpose: Experimental: Experimental set-up and/or reaction(s) Results: Summary of results, tabulated or graphed data, etc.. Discussion: Discussion of the results, particularly if they were not what was expected, their validity and accuracy, sources of experimental error, etc.. Conclusion: Significant conclusions based on your results. please see the attachment ( I typed my results in red color)
Title: Simple Distillation Purpose: This exercise aims to 1) familiarize the student/s with the distillation set-up, 2) help the student/s identify the uses of distillation, and 3) familiarize the student/s with the process and mechanisms of distillation. Experimental: If the set-up is different from the figure below, please change this with the set-up shown by your instructor by deleting the figure below and draw the right set-up. Also please label your set-up if you changed this thank you. lH2O gH2O (energy gain of 2.3 x 105 J) gH2O lH2O (energy loss of 2.3 x 105 J) Results: When the water began to boil with the use of a heating mantle, indicated by the presence of bubbles, the water level started to decrease. The originally 100 ml volume of water in the flask reduced gradually as it kept on boiling. The temperature at which water boils is hypothetically at 100oC. However, in the exercise, the temperature of the boiling water was not exactly at 100oC but the temperature almost reached that hypothetical temperature. There was a visible fogging in the flask, indicating the presence of vapor. The vapor could be traced and was traveling towards the next flask. The vapor, upon reaching the con...

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[Solved] familiarize the student/s with the distillation set-up [Solved] familiarize the student/s with the distillation set-up
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