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Facebook and how affect our social network

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Facebook and how affect our social network

Facebook and how affect our social network

My topic is Facebook and how affect our social network Here is the instructions Your goal for the research paper is to write a persuasive research paper which convinces your reader that the issue you have chosen is important and that they should care. View this as an opportunity to become more knowledgeable on a subject of your choice- make it something you`ll be excited to learn and write about! Your topic can be local, national, or international in scope as long as it impacts many people. Please stay away from "warhorse" topics such as abortion, legalization of marijuana, and lowering the drinking age. There are still lots of great topics out there that can be fresh. After narrowing your topic, come up with a rough thesis to help guide your writing in the form of Claim + Reason. An example: Sexist language in college textbooks is harmful because it reinforces negative stereotypes about many groups and individuals. For this paper, you will need to collect a minimum of 10 sources. These can include: •Books •Periodical (journal, magazine, newspaper) * this may be electronic * •Government publication * this may be electronic * •Reliable, authored websites * a maximum of 4 websites may be used. If you exceed 10 sources, that number can increase. All need to be credible. You will lose credit for poor sources including Wikipedia, You Tube videos, blogs, and uncredible websites. * •A personal interview with someone who has expertise on the issue •Film on the subject •Surveys, studies, graphs, etc. •Primary sources including lectures, letters, original documents (ex. The Constitution), etc. You should address the following questions in your paper:- - Thesis: Why is this an important issue and why should others care? - Give your readers background/context. When did this start becoming an issue? Who or what is impacted (who are the stakeholders)? - What are the causes of this problem? - What are the proposed solutions? Through your research, which one(s) seem most viable? - Who can help? Can individuals make a difference? * Be sure to address the counter argument. You can use it as a means to strengthen your own argument by pointing out the validity of their points and then going on to show why it is not a reasonable stance * The Final Draft: Your writing should have all of the elements of strong writing that we have learned about thus far: Engaging thesis, compelling and relevant evidence supporting your thesis, logical progression of your argument, smooth transitions between ideas, strong grammar, punctuation, and spelling, proper MLA citation, and a strong conclusion. Your Final Draft should be a minimum of 7 pages in length, not including your Works Cited, cover page, illustrations, graphs, etc.. Your paper may exceed 9 pages, but please make sure that your content, organization, and editing are strong. As always, papers should be double-spaced and written in 12 point font. Your Works Cited needs to follow all rules for MLA formatting, and you also need correct in-text citation for all material gained from research (summary, paraphrase, quotation). There is ample information available in your Weidenborner text and under the Other Resources tab --> MLA links Be sure to categorize your source under the type of source. Example: Periodicals, Books, Films, Websites, etc. If you fail to do this, you will lose credit.
[Your Name] [Professor`s Name] [Course Name and Number] [Date of Submission] Facebook and How it Affects our Social Network Introduction The recent popularity of social networking is reflecting that the majority of users are using such types of sites are young adults. It can be said that different modes of communication using technology such as text messaging, email, and instant messaging can remain dominant forms of interaction or messaging on the social networking site. It is obvious that social media and specifically Facebook can affect interpersonal communications while altering the way that people interact with one another (Rheingold; Fraser and Dutta; Kincaid). With a large portion of the developed population using virtual worlds, newsgroups, social networking sites, and online games that are widespread are being influenced in both manners positive and negative. It is of greater concern that people are considering social connections online because community is highly sought after or the same people looking for entertainment (Stenzel and Nesdahl; Stephen). This paper is reflecting the influence of social networking specifically Facebook on the people. Background of the Study Today, the social networking especially Facebook becomes a considerable phenomena. Since, whereas Facebook provides ability to an individual to instantly keep in touch and communicate with the other members including friends, relatives, colleagues and general people, on the other hand it significantly influencing real social life and networks of the people including teenagers and adults (Ellison, Steinfield and Lampe; Rheingold). The use of Facebook poses problems for the society and raise question around family interaction, social skills, and privacy. The issue of Facebook was begun when it was become common in 21st century and particularly within 4 to 5 years. However, as the time passing and new technologies emerging and involving in our daily lives, the social issues with the Facebook ...

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Facebook and how affect our social network Facebook and how affect our social network
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