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[Solved] Explore International Business in the Middle East

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[Solved] Explore International Business in the Middle East

Explore International Business in the Middle East

Explore International Business Environments Each day, millions of people work in teams to plan and implement business activities. The activities of these teams range from creating new products for international markets to cross-cultural negotiations for joint venture agreements. While many teams involve people from the same country or similar cultures, other work groups require interaction among people with different backgrounds. Goal Explore economic, geographic, political, and cultural influences on a region‘s business activities. Activities Select a geographic region you will represent — Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, or North America. 1. Conduct research about the geography, culture, and business activities of several countries in your region. Obtain information from printed and online resources, and by talking to people who have lived in or visited that area. 2. Identify geographic factors that are unique to your region, such as climate, terrain, and natural resources. Describe how they might affect business activities. 3. Describe how the unique customs, traditions, and culture of your regions affect international business activities. Provide three examples of how these things influence business activities using a different country for each example. Your examples might focus on how business cards are exchanged or what types of gifts are considered appropriate to exchange with business partners. 1 4. Research the economic systems and conditions in the region. Identify economic influences on business that are unique to this region. 5. Describe political situations and business regulations in your region. How do these things influence international business? 6. Global Business Decision. An international organization plans to do business in various countries in your region. What can it do to ensure success? What products or services might be most successful in your region? 7. Benefits of Cross-Cultural Teams. What are the benefits of working on cross-cultural teams for both employees and business organizations? How might the geographic and cultural influences of your regions shape team activities and decision-making? Present Write an individual report summarizing your regional findings and your experiences answering the questions above. Create and present a summary describing the business environments in your region using an in-class PowerPoint presentation.
The Middle East Business Name: Institution: Date: THE MIDDLE EAST BUSINESS The Middle East is a region that bears numerous stereotypes as well as myths. It is very significant to note that Middle East comprises of various aspects like business culture, meeting protocol, business etiquette, as well as negotiation techniques (Moore, 2004). The knowledge of this aspects by various business people willing to engage themselves with the Middle East, the communication barriers would be reduced, while stereotypes would be broken. The Middle East consist of great diversity though the common language, religion as well as culture causes a highlight of general aspects and traits for the area valid. The Geography, Culture and Business Activities in the Middle East The Middle East region is a diverse and large geographical location that is found in southwest Asia as well as northeast Africa. The division of the two areas may be due to the rivers that links them and similar geographical locations and features. For instance, the deserts and mountains split the Middle East to six zones, which are different geographically, and have controlled the enhancement and preservation of cultural traditions via much of the region`s history. In addition, the countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Emirates, are countries that resulted from permanent settlement around the coastal areas. The geographical aspect in the Middle East plays a very significant duty during the maintenance and formation of cultures. The initial civilizations that contained large population centers progressed around the abundant resources of water as well as agricultural land. They were rampantly found in these areas than in those locations with valuable raw materials such metals, building timber or stones, semi-precious stones, among others. in addition, geography offered a foundation for different attributes of local cultures such as the significance of wine and olive oil in the cookery of the region of eastern Mediterranean. In that region, the olive oil and grapes can be cultivated easily. Another instance includes the extensive role of incense in very day life; practice of rituals, as well as in economic trade in the south Arabian cultures. The business activities in the Middle East could be quite challenging to external investors if they are not aware of their cultural practices. The past events like the Arab Springs have resulted to opening some business opportunities and blocking others to both the domestic and international businesses. This was due to economic and political changes that occurred as a result. There have been attempts of linking countries to the others for the motive of business development. For instance, the M.E links works towards nurturing economic relationships fro...

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[Solved] Explore International Business in the Middle East [Solved] Explore International Business in the Middle East
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